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China Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub & Alloy Rim Shot Blasting machine

Author:Bonnie Date:2018/9/30 10:46:53
As one of the largest shot blasting machine in China, There are so many kinds of shot blasting machines and clean kinds of steel workpieces 
These days some customer asked which kinds of shot blasting machine can clean alloy wheel rim ?
1. Wire mesh converyor shot blasting machine 
This machine is continuous mode pass through type shot blasting machine with the highest blasting capacity 

This is large machine with high cost ! 

2. Hanger shot blasting machine 
Hanger shot blasting machine have another name is all-purpose shot blasting machine , because of most workpeces can be cleaned it by it ! 

3. Table shot blasting machine 
Table shot blasting machine can clean Precision parts , scratch-proof parts  and have the best blasting effect 

So you can choose it according to your detail request ! contact us bonnie@knnjoo.com