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China Shot Blast Machine Rental

Author:Bonnie Date:2018-5-29 17:03:17
 In China Our company is manufacturer of shot blasting machine , sandblasting and other foundry machinery !
More customers are direct user , for example nut & bolt fastener manufacturer , Steel pipe factory, Steel company , Steel structure company and soon on , but some customers are russian Rental company !
They imported our portable type shot blasting machine to rent to pavement company for cleaning floor surface 
They imported our roller converyor shot blasting machine to rent to steel factory for cleaning steel parts 
They imported our tumble shot blasting machine to rent to fastener manufacturer for cleaning nut and bolt 
These years The global economy is not good and more and more factory have no more profit , so shot blasting machine rental is the best choice ! 
So if you need shot blasting machine from China, contact us via bonnie@knnjoo.com