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China Shot blasting machine for cleaning steel strip

Author:Bonnie Date:2018-5-4 17:01:29
 This year we designed and produces special shot blasting machines according to user's request  Shot blasting machine for cleaning steel strip is so popular machine now 

1. what is steel strip ?
The steel strip (steel-belt) refers to the conveyor belt which is made of carbon steel as the traction and carrying component of the belt conveyor, and can also be used to bind the goods. It is a narrow and long steel plate produced by all kinds of rolling mills to meet the needs of the industrial production of various kinds of metal or mechanical products in different industrial sectors.

Steel is prone to rust in air and water, but the corrosion rate of zinc in atmosphere is only 1 / 15 of the corrosion rate of steel in the atmosphere. so before galvanizing, steel strip must be sandblasting / shot blast cleaning ! 


So if you need sandblasting , shot blasting before other technology, you can choose us , we can design special shot blasting machine for you according to different steel products , so shot blasting machine for cleaning steel strip , Steel strip sand blasting machine, Steel-belt shot blasting machine and soon on .