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China Steel Sheet Shot Blasting Machine

Author:Bonnie Date:2018-8-14 15:41:55

We can design and produce for our customer according to the cleaning requirements of workpiece.

 Designed and produced by adopting the advantages of similar products from both within the country and abroad.the rusting cleaning part(shot blast cleaning )adopts high-efficient blast wheel and full shutter type shot sand separator. The sweeping machine adopts specially made high-strength nylon rolling brush and high-pressure ventilator.the preheating and drying part may adopt various heating methods.the paint spraying part adopt high-pressure airless spraying methods.the complete set of equipment is controlled by PLC, and is the large-size complete equipment of international advanced level.
 It is mainly used for surface treatment(namely preheating,rust removal,paint spraying and drying )of steel plate and various structural sections,as well as for cleaning and srenghening of metal structure parts.
1. The series Q69 shot blasting machine for steel profilesThe series of Q69 steel sheet shot blasting pre-treament line are mainly consist of warm-up, shot blasting and spray painting and drying process.
2. It applies to shipping, car, motorcycle, bridge, machine ect which is in the line of steel board, section and structure casting to wipe of surface rusting and paiting art.
3. The company has first-class technology research-development center and well-developed quality management system, and we have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. Our company is the National Blasting & Peening Standardization Technology Committee Unit.
4. And the company takes part in and sets down the national standard Parabolic Shot Equipment General Technical Conditions All products apply CAD computer-aided design, the appearance applies three-dimensional software design, and key components of numerical simulation use finite element analysis.
 New material, new craft
We are committed to using new materials, new technology, in order to improve the quality of our cleaning equipment:
 Component equipment of each steel plate, profile or component with spray maintenance paint after shot blasting derusting .
 Load test run for key blasters parts in workshop,  equipment as a whole  installation and debugging in the company.
 Electrical components are all made of high quality domestic products
 Chamber body lining rolling Mn13 sheeting
Complete systems quoted
One supplier for all components
Proven abilities - Industry leader
Quality components
Proven technology
Custom designs - Flexible layouts
Simple integration into existing manufacturing processes
Wide range of system sizes and variants
mplete set of equipment is controlled by PLC, and is the large-size complete equipment of international advanced.

QH69 shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface treatment (namely preheating, rust removal, paint spraying and drying) of steel plate and various structural sections, as well as for cleaning and strengthening of metal structural parts.