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New Shell Core Machine Is Trial Running

Author:Bonnie Date:2018-3-8 14:44:11
 New Shell Core Machine trial running is over , will be shippment. 

this machine will be do some hollow sand core for foundry plant , it is the best choice and it is electrical heating mode on mould pattern 
The shell core machine is the equipment which uses the hot core box technology to make the coated sand shell core. It works by filling sand and compacting at the same time, and immediately harden in the hot core box, lighten the labor intensity, operate flexibly, light and easy to master, and use electric heating, The temperature can be controlled automatically, the working place is easy to keep clean, creates the condition for the mechanization and automation of the core-making process.
The core made by Shell core machine is accurate in size and smooth in surface. It is widely used in foundry machinery industry.