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Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Author:Bonnie Date:2016/8/30 11:28:44

      Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is the ever victorious general in cleaning equipment , we usually name it
"all-purpose type shot blasting machine". How do you say so? please check the characteristics of its products:
1. Wheelblast of hook type shot blasting machine is only distributed on the one side of blasting chamber, the
relative concentration
2.Hanger Shot Blasting Machine work is constantly rotating, guarantee the workpiece all parts can be cleaned.
3 Hook Shot Blasting Machine has one and two hooks , two hooks shot blasting machine its work efficiency is
higher than shot peening machine with one hook.
4. Q376 , Hanger Shot Blast Machine to clean up the object is relatively more extensive, general small and
medium sized castings, forgings, etc. can be cleaned, as long as can be directly hung on the hook, or said
tooling can be put into the chamber body of the workpiece, hook shot blasting machine can clean up.
So some complicated structure of casting, the shot blasting machine cleaning effect is better.
5. In general the user according to their own specific workpiece, special shot blasting machine products,
such as steel shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine for steel pipe, aluminum profile shot blasting
machine gear aggrandizement shot blasting machine etc.; there is no special shot blasting machine to give
priority to the hook type shot blasting machine products.
6. See picture below Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine new product, this product is new design, longer service life,
cleaning effect is better.