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What can Roller Conveyor shot blasting machine clean ?

Author:Bonnie Date:2018-3-6 10:11:40
Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is the most popular shot blasting machine in users, it can clean almost kinds of steel products, 300WA Plates, Boiler Plates, Benox Plates & Chequer Plates, I Beam , H Beams, Circular Tubing, Deformed Bars, Equal Angles, Flat Bar, PGalvanised Chromadek, Coils sheets, IBR Corrugated Cranked, Cut to Length, HR Coils sheets, HR Coils sheets, Cut to length, IPE,Joists,Lipped Channels & Cold Rolled
,Rail,Rectangular tubing,Round Bars,Square Bars,Square Tubing,Unequal Angles,Universal Column,Weld Mesh,Window Sections
Our shot blasting machine users are almost steel production for the engineering, construction, mining, agricultural industry.  Other industries are foundry plant , hardware industry and metal mould line.
The roller converyor shot blasting machine is widely used in automobile, ship and plate manufacturing industry.
Tunnel shot blasting machines are Widely applies in professions and so on outline structure, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, shipbuilding. 
Hanger shot blasting machines have been widely used in metallurgy, aviation, electronics, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries. 
Wire mesh belt shot blasting machines are mainly applied in aviation, spaceflight, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, heavy industry and so on
Widely used in the petrochemical industry, electroplating paint, automobile, shipbuilding, aircraft maintenance industries.
Tumblast shot blasting machines are Applicable to all types of machinery casting, finished, automobile, shipbuilding, steel structure industry.