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Shot Blasting Machine Control System

Author:Bonnie Date:2018-3-10 16:08:04
     Shot Blasting Machine Electronic control system  is equipped with programmable logic controller (PLC), machine failure automatic monitoring technology, Abrasive flow display equipment, and each drive device, rotating mechanism (lifting, separator, screw conveyor ) are all Equipped with loss detection devices, the system has a good interlock, self-locking and security protection features, both to achieve full automatic control of the machine, but also has a single operation and non-chained function. In order to ensure the reliability of the electrical system, the electrical protection class is IP54 or higher.

So the quality of shot blasting machine is controlled by control system , the material of control system are all known brand: Operation terminal, Control units and sensors,Contactor, motor protection switch,Safety relay, Frequency converter are all SiemensClimate control of control cabinet Type Rittal. 
 There are so large shot blasting machines we are manufacturing , steel plate shot blasting & painting line, Beam blasting Machine , Wire Rod Coil shot blasting machine , Sand blasting room , so large machine need the best control system.