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Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine

Author:Bonnie Date:2016/10/4 14:13:55
Large Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine will be delivered at noon tomorrow

There are so many large shot blasting machines need to produced at our factory these days ,  the workers are so busy.

This machine is equipped with the newest technical blast wheel , which is designed by our engineers.
This steel structure shot blasting machine blasting chamber use 10mm thickness steel plate welded box structure, high strength and not vibrate.
The internal blasting protect-plate is Mn13 cast steel plate (single class the production life is about 2-3 years), can effectively prolong the service life of the body chamber,
The 8 levles spring sealing device of V type seal room, can effectively prevent the projectile splash, reduce component wear and scrape to seal the crack.

So you need more technical data , please contact us !