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Stone Shot Blasting Machine Video

Author:Bonnie Date:2018/4/2 10:41:58
The stone shot blasting machine is suitable for the surface treatment of a variety of stone, tile, marble and floor tiles. The treated stone surface has high anti-skid performance, good flatness and strong three-dimensional effect, and is well received by the customers.
The Stone shot blasting machine is our company's exclusive latest development, high work efficiency, low use cost, good dust removal effect, in line with national environmental protection standards.
Stone Shot Blasting Machine , Shot Blasting Machine , Stone Shot Blasting Machine, Tile Shot Blasting Machine, Marble Shot Blasting Machine are roller converyor shot blasting machine , it is also Continuous Shot blasting machine.

Stone shot blasting Machine Video  

The work process of stone shot blasting machine is putting stones on roller conveyor system by manual or automated equipment. The conveyor system sends the stone to the blasting room and The centrifugal blast wheel throws casting steel shots onto the stone surface. The blasted stone is moved down through the conveying system. Steel balls are reused through procedures such as recycling and sorting.
The automatic control system can adjust and control the variables such as the feeding speed and shot blasting intensity of the stone. The signal acquisition system composed of a grating transmits the loading and unloading information to the central processor. The central processor automatically adjusts the operating status of the machine based on this information to ensure that Only when the work enters the blasting room, the blasting system starts to work, and when the workpiece leaves the blasting chamber, the system automatically stops the blasting, thus avoiding idle equipment and unnecessary wear; when the working conveyor is stopped At that time, the supply of steel shots will automatically stop, thus avoiding the parts in the shot blasting room being scrapped due to excessive shot blasting.
Now we produced so many sets stone shot blasting machines according to user's orders !