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How to Processing Damage For Suspension Chain Type Shot Blasting Machine

Author:Bonnie Date:2017-3-20 15:57:30
 When Suspension Chain Type Shot Blasting Machine is working, After finishing the preparatory work (dust removal system, separator, bucket elevator/hoisting machine, screw conveyer operation)
The machine starts to work normally.
First of all, the workpiece which is hanged on hook will enter into blasting room , when stopped at a predetermined position after the beginning of workpiece rotation, close the door,
please open blast wheel , feeding shot valves for shot blasting machine, cleaning work is going on
After the workpiece is cleared up, shut off for the pill blasting, gate, open the door, hanging out of the Shot blasting room.

The suspension type shot blasting machine after a long time of use, to ensure the maintenance of normal, appear to solve the problem, not with fault use. In general, suspension type shot blasting machine has the solution under the common faults and the corresponding table, can be used for hanging chain shot blasting machine user use and reference.
1. Blast wheel have large vibration : The  blade wear, unbalanced operation, replacement blades; impeller wear, replacement of the impeller body;  bearing burn out, replace and grease;Fixed bolt loosening for blast wheel , fastening bolt.

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